Cebu Sherilin Trading Corporation Profile


CEBU SHERILIN TRADING CORPORATION is a family-owned, multi divisional plastic products manufacturer. Our organization engages in, conducts and carries on the business of manufacturing the highest quality of plastic products.


Backed by more than 20 years of experience in this business, we have established our name in the local plastic manufacturing industry. We are known to specialize in manufacturing quality custom-made vinyl/plastic poly bags according to client’s specific requirements and specifications. We have expanded to making customized aluminum molds and vacuum-formed products using the latest state-of-the-art machinery and equipment in the thermoforming division of plastic manufacturing. Our company is continually improving, finding ways to create more effective plastic packaging solutions to keep up with the constantly growing demands and trends of the market.


We invest in quality to impart quality. We use only updated and state of the art machinery and source out only imported high-grade raw materials to make our plastics. A major part of our working standards is the quality assurance check. Our finished goods are RoHs Directive-compliant, as we regularly submit samples for SGS analysis and testing to ensure consumer safety.


We value our employees.  Our organization continuously works to find ways to improve our processes and systems for a safer, more productive, effective and efficient working environment for our staff.


 Our company is customer-centric. We cater to both wholesale and retail markets. While we supply to some of the biggest Philippine multinational companies, we give the same value to small businesses and households. We understand the needs of our clients and pride ourselves in customer satisfaction. We believe in building strong and long lasting relationships.  This has been proven through the years through our top quality products and our immediate and timely deliveries.  At Cebu Sherilin Trading Corporation, we work closely with you from start to end to give you the products that match your specifications and exceed your expectations.