Cebu Sherilin Trading Corporation Policies

Quality and Food Safety Objectives:

We at Cebu Sherilin Trading Corporation (Flexible Packaging Division) pledge to sustain and enhance

the satisfaction level of our customer and all parties and to consistently exceed their expextation by:

* Reduction and Elimination of Internal and External Claims.

* On Time Delivery based on set due dates without compromissing Quality and Food Safety.

* Ensuring effective implementation and Continual Improvement of Quality and Food Safety Managament through periodic reviews.

* Ensuring compliance of applicable statutory and regulatory requirements without undue delay.

* Fullfilment on the provision of needed Skills and Training and continuous monitoring its effectiveness.

* Maintain a harmonious relationship within the organization.



Quality and Food  Safety Policy:

CSTC (Flexible Packing Division) is commited to produce and deliver quality food packaging products under hazard free conditions

in accordance with the customer requirements and specifications and in compliance with applicable with applicable satutory and

regulatory requirements and other interested parties. CSTC thrives to enhance for Continual Imnprovement on establish

Quality and Food Safety System to assure our growth and maintain Customer Satisfaction.